How To Dominate Google Local Search – In 8 Easy Steps

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Do you run a small business? Do you want more local customers and client prospects to find you on Google? Do you want to appear at the top of Google results when they’re researching for a product or service solution you offer? If so, this book is for you.

You’ll learn the simple step by step process award winning Digital Marketing Agencies use so their clients can appear in Google Local pack results; those 3 listings that appear on a map in Google search results when you search for something that includes a location, for example, “London plumber”. Those positions garner over 55% of all the search traffic and they’re free!

First, you’ll learn how to set up and optimise your Google My Business listing so it out performs your competitors. Next, you’ll master what you need to optimise on your own website, so it tells the right story to Google. Then you’ll see why citations are so important and the best sources to start registering with. We’ll then explore how to build high quality, local and industry relevant backlinks to your website so Google’s algorithm places trust in your content.

Finally, we’ll look at why customer reviews are so important and how you should handle them, how to use social media to send the right signals to Google, and how to bring all these factors together to create a highly successful campaign.

This is the same strategy my Digital Marketing Agency Smoking Chili Media employs to such great effect for our clients. It’s part of the reason we’ve been nominated for best in search at industry awards and why so many of our clients are happy to leave us glowing reviews and testimonials.

So, whether you have one hour a day or one per week to spare, the sooner you start implementing this plan, the more effective your results will be.